Inspire Series Roller Chain

Hitachi Inspire Series SBR chain are the highest rated roller chains in the world.

Stainless Steel Blast Treatment

Components of our new INSPIRE SERIES™SBR® roller chains are coated with a film of stainless steel achieved through a proprietary blast treatment.

The film works with the high quality pre-lubricant to protect the chain from corrosive attack and extend life. The blast also gives the chain an enhanced silver color appearance.

Features Summary:

  • 45%-50% Higher Fatigue Strength
  • Highest Rated Roller Chains in the World
  • Higher Horsepower Capacities
  • New Ultra-high Hardness Shell On Bearing Parts
  • Unique Stainless Steel Blast Treatment
  • Solid Bushings and Solid Rollers

The difference is newpatent pending production technology

  • The Production Process
  • Raw Material - High Quality Alloy Steel
  • Parts Fabrication
  • Heat Treatment
  • Hi-Energy Mechanical Process (Pat. Pend.)
  • Stainless Steel Blast (Pat. Pend.)
  • Assembly
  • Pre-Lubrication
  • Packaging
  • Shipping

Compressive Residual Stress Zones

Compressive stress has long been known to improve fatigue strength. Sources of compression in existing chain products include shot peening, high interference fits between pins, bushings and side plates, and the carburized zone found on pins and bushings.

Our unique patent pending "Hi-Energy Mechanical Process" imparts substantial compressive stresses to the chain components (see chart left) resulting in a 45%-50% increase in fatigue strength. Horsepower ratings as well as the rated working loads are the highest in the world.

Triple zone hardness wear protection

A residual, but important benefit of Hitachi's new "Hi-Energy Mechanical Process" is that an ultra-high hardness shell is developed on the surface of carburized pins and bushings. This effectively gives these wearing components three layers of hardness protection:

1. Ultra-high hardness shell (Black Zone-See Right).

2. High hardness carburized case (Blue Zone-See Right).

3. Core Hardness (Orange Zone-See Right)


Summary of Benefits:

  1. Greater resistance to fatigue failure.

  2. Longer wear life due to high hardness shell.

  3. Smaller chain sizes required (Higher HP ratings).

  4. Corrosion protection from proprietary stainless blast.