The Sweet Smell of Spring

It’s that time of year again.

You know the season; bright sunny days, warm evenings with a cool breeze, the return of the robins and other birds, and everyone’s favorite part, mowing the lawn. There’s not much better in the world than the smell of fresh cut grass. For me, that smell evokes some powerful and great memories like playing baseball as a carefree kid. Today, a well mowed lawn gives me quite the sense of pride in my home and business. It’s a small, but very important thing that we do.

And nothing ruins all those great mowing feelings quicker than a busted belt. Don’t worry; Akron Bearing has you covered. Like always, we have high quality industrial v-belts that often work great on lawn and garden applications. Personally, I used a standard B128 on my Cub Cadet for years. But in general, mowers and the like are very, very difficult environment for standard industrial v-belts. So that’s why we’re now carrying many sizes of the Bando Ultrapower AG KC belts. These belts are specifically made for the high demand of lawn and garden applications. They feature:

  • Bias cut, cross woven fabric which is oil and heat resistant
  • Aramid fiber tensile cords which transmit up to 20% more power than traditional cords
  • The body is formulated to reduce heat buildup for a cooler, longer lasting belt.

Bottom line, by using a belt specifically designed for the lawn and garden application, you can enjoy this awesome season longer without the need to constantly get under your mower to snake that belt around all the pulleys. That means more time out in the warm sunshine smelling that fresh-cut grass!