For Tough Jobs, Count on SPX Power Team

Recognized around the world for performance, reliability and durability


When it comes to heavy lifting, pushing, pulling, spreading and torqueing or tensioning applications, industry professionals around the world look to the SPX Power Team, reports Rick Swansbro, director of channel development at SPX Hydraulic Technologies.

Power Team pumps, cylinders, jacks, tools, torque tools and accessories provide a broad line of high-force hydraulic tools needed in industry today. Power Team brand products are built to withstand the rigors of the most demanding applications related to non-residential construction, industrial in-plant, mining, oil and gas, power generation, rail car repair, shipyards and many more industries.

Power Team pumps: The heart of the line

When customers see the Power Team logo, they think of Power Team pumps. Recognized throughout the world, Power Team pumps are known for quality, reliability and durability on the job site.

“SPX Hydraulic Technologies offers a broad range of Power Team pump options designed to meet industry need for a wide range of work applications. Power Team offers a range of hydraulic pumps powered by hand, electric, air, gas or battery. Whether the work is performed under roof or in extremely remote locations, Power Team products offer a working solution to meet the most demanding job requirements,” Swansbro says.
Recognized by their conspicuous orange color, Power Team pumps match with a broad portfolio of single-acting, double-acting, low-profile and center-hole lifting cylinders capable of lifting and, in some cases, pulling applications. These same pumps are covered by the Power Team Powerthon lifetime warranty, which protects against defects in workmanship and material. “If a Power Team pump or other tool is repaired by an authorized service center, it is returned to factory specifications,” Swansbro says.

Applications where hydraulic pumps must work are generally somewhat difficult environments. “Products are typically applied in every type of environment ranging from dust and dirt to temperature extremes. In addition to these challenging environments, tools often get dropped or bumped during transport and/or use. Users frequently report that Power Team pumps continue  to perform reliably many years, if not decades, after being placed in service. As with most products, we recommend proper care and maintenance of Power Team products to insure a long and productive life. After all, performance and reliability are critically important on remote job sites,” he says.

Pump Technology: continuous improvement

PE45 Pump

PE45 Pump

SPX  Hydraulic Technologies continues to design and manufacture new and improved pump technologies. The most recent addition to the family of hydraulic pumps is the new PE45 Infinity Series pump, marketed under the SPX Bolting Systems brand. Unlike typical hydraulic pumps, the PE45 Infinity Series pump offers more than twice the flow of a standard two-stage, hi- low pump. Flow is continuously variable up to 10,000 psi (700 bar). This additional flow enables torque wrench tools to operate faster and get the work done faster and more efficiently.

When matched with SPX Bolting Systems torque tools, users report a significant gain in productivity. The added flow from the PE45 pump, combined with the faster operation of SPX Bolting Systems TWHC series square drive torque wrenches, yields up to a 40 percent gain in productivity. “This gain in productivity offers end-users a shorter payback period as well as a greater return on investment to the benefit of the end-user,” he says.

Torque Tools: A tool to fit the job

Adjacent products to the PE45 Infinity series torque wrench pump include a broad range of torque tools designed to meet the demanding requirements of proper joint integrity. SPX Bolting Systems offers a comprehensive family of square-drive and low- clearance torque wrenches to fit the needs of today’s industry. Labor-intensive jobs such as erecting wind towers, assembling and maintaining oil and gas platforms or constructing pipelines are performed safely, accurately and productively with SPX Bolting products.

TWHC Series square-drive torque wrenches work with various size impact sockets and are rated to a maximum torque value of up to 53,000 ft.- lbs. (71,816 Nm). The steel body construction is two-thirds the envelope size of a comparable aluminum wrench, yet has the ame weight as a similar-sized aluminum wrench. Unlike aluminum torque wrenches, the TWHC square-drive torque wrench is constructed of steel, which resists twisting under load. This design requires fewer individual parts while offering ease of operation and greater accuracy and productivity on the job site.

For less accessible areas, SPX Bolting Systems offers a TWLC Series of low-clearance torque wrenches. With a shorter height and small radius, this family of torque tools has a rated torque value of up to 28,800 ft.-lbs. (39,024 Nm). Each low-clearance torque wrench offers a wide range of fitted links respective of the “across the flats” dimension of bolts to be tightened or loosened. These links are designed to be quickly changed at the job site, depending on bolt size.

For difficult bolting applications that have corroded to the point that a hydraulic torque wrench is not an option, SPX Bolting Systems offers a hydraulic nut splitter. The ENS hydraulic nut splitter offers a safe and reliable solution to removing seized and/ or corroded fasteners.

Adjacent products: Beyond the pump

End-user job solutions depend on a system typically comprised of a pump as well as a cylinder or tool joined by accessory products. In addition to a broad portfolio of pump options, Power

TWSD1 Torque Wrench

TWSD1 Torque Wrench

Team products also offer a comprehensive line of cylinders, jacks, tools and accessories. Power Team cylinders are offered in a number of lifting configurations such as single acting power-extend with spring-force retract, double acting power-extend and power retract, low-profile, center-hole and mechanical-locking cylinders. Also available are a family of aluminum cylinders that are half the weight of comparable steel cylinders. Another option for lifting includes the Power Team IJ series inflatable air jacks. Available in rated tonnage of one to 74 tons of initial lifting force, Power Team inflatable jacks work with 116 psi (8 bar) of pneumatic pressure to achieve their rated lifting capacity. With collapsed thickness of 1” (25mm), each inflatable jack can be applied in small areas. With non-conducting surface area, each inflatable jack features skid resistant, interlocking pattern to assist in aligning two inflatable jacks. Power Team does not recommend stacking more than two inflatable jacks. A Power Team air controller may be used to control one inflatable jack. This control valve features a pressure regulator, pressure gauge and push-button control of inflation and deflation of the inflatable jack.

Power Team systems are used throughout the world to construct and/or maintain a wide range of applications. From simple hydraulic cylinder jacks to sophisticated motion control and post-tensioning concrete reinforcement systems, Power Team systems can be matched to specific job needs.

Service and aftermarket support

SPX Power Team products are available through IDC Distributors. 

We expect our distributor partners to meet prescribed performance standards. To be considered as an authorized Power Team service center, current and prospective service centers must successfully complete a physical shop inspection and survey, successfully complete a 3.5-day service training school at SPX Hydraulic Technologies in Rockford, Illinois, and carry a recommended portfolio of service parts inventory.
— Rick Swansbro

Another element of aftermarket service and support includes Power Team safety seminars. SPX Hydraulic Technologies district managers conduct Power Team safety seminars at the customers’ work site. With individual focus on basic pulling applications, customer learn the proper application and use of Power Team pumps, cylinders, tools, and accessories.

“We strive to develop a close relationship among our distributors and end-users. That relationship helps us meet their needs for a reliable and dependable solution to their work needs.” Swansbro concludes.