When holiday weekends go wrong.

Everyone loves a holiday weekend. We get an extra day off, we spend extra time with our friends and family, and we eat extra delicious food from the grill.

But what if you're a major facilities maintenance provider who has fellow employees depending on you to keep their operations running smoothly, and you need an unusual part right away? There's only one answer: go to Akron Bearing!

On the recent Labor Day weekend, we had a customer come to us on a Saturday that desperately needed a motor. While most places were closed, we were ready and waiting. But of course they needed something unusual that we didn't have in stock. The easier path is to tell them "so sorry, but you'll have to wait for us to order this on Tuesday and pay extra shipping charges just to get this Wednesday morning." We don't take the easiest path. We located their part at the manufacturer's warehouse, then made arrangements for our customer to drive there and pick it up. On a Saturday. On a holiday weekend. The customer was ready to go hours later, instead of days later, and he got to enjoy HIS holiday weekend too!