Martin Conveyor Idlers

It seems as if everywhere you look, belt conveyors are the method of choice to move many different materials. Conveyors are a proven way to move bulk materials in practically every industry. Conveyors routinely operate at 90% capacity and can be operated 24/7, 365 days per year. Conveyors have a lower operating cost and can provide a higher return on investment than competitive methods. Maintenance is minimized and less labor is required. Material conveyed can range from very fine to large lumps of iron ore, stone, coal and pulpwood logs. 

While Martin has been a well-known and loved name in the head and tail pulleys for belt conveyors, they're now ready to serve the industry with a full line of idler rollers. Martin idlers are manufactured to meet or exceed CEMA standards.  uses sealed-for-life ball bearings that allows for trouble-free life even in the harshest applications. 9 gauge tubing is used for CEMA C & D Idlers and 7 gauge tubing is used for CEMA E Idlers.


  • Drop-in Idlers-Retrofit for all major competitors
  • Idlers are maintenance-free. Martin Idlers use sealed-for-life ball bearings that allows for trouble-free life in the harshest applications
  • Extremely low rolling resistance that allows for the lowest total operating cost
  • Designed for low run-out (TIR), rotational torque and axial bearing clearance
  • Offered in a wide range of belt widths from 18" to 96" for excellent versatility
  • 9 gauge tubing for CEMA C & D; 7 gauge tubing for CEMA E


Many different types from Martin: 

  • Flat Return Rollers
  • Guide Rollers
  • ImpactIidlers
  • Live Shaft Idlers
  • Offset Idlers
  • Return Roll Guarding
  • Rubber Disc Idlers
  • Self-Aligning Idlers
  • Troughing Idlers
  • Underground Idlers
  • V-Returns

Contact Akron Bearing, or ask your local sales person about Martin's offerings for your belt conveyor roller and idler needs!